Habits are tough to break. Sometimes a habit is formed out of necessity, sometimes they are for self improvement, sometimes a habit does not carry any significance or reason and on certain occasions need to be reevaluated. One habit to be fixed revolves around how I talk about the truck as a whole. While there […]

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What’s Next? 2021

Happy New Year! We made it to 2021 and it’s time for a quick update. The truck is still running and going on quick cruises from time to time to keep the engine spry. The truck will be available for events when it is safe to travel and gather again. Until then we will continue […]

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An Abandoned Replica Story

Hello everyone, In light of recent current events all of our planned stops have been postponed or cancelled. Don’t worry, we’re safe and we hope that you are staying safe as well. Recently I’ve been scooting around the house, starting the truck from time to keep the engine running and organizing a few live tweet […]

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