D23 Expo 2022

A month has passed since we wrapped up D23 Expo 2022 – it’s time for a recap. Leading up to the Expo there was a list of minor improvements and modifications to work on. These adjustments ranged from fixing the windows on the camper shell, cleaning the camper shell, replacing the mirrors and having the […]


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The Pizza Planet Truck Podcast

Introducing The Pizza Planet Truck Podcast. What started as fun recap in audio form has evolved into a show for riff and power scaling rankings. Sean and Marco dive into each Pixar Feature Film often discussing their memories from watching the film the first time, to how they view the films after the years have […]

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Ten Years

Ten years. Ten. Years. This seems like a number that is rarely celebrated outside of class reunions and wedding anniversaries. As I have stated many times before we had no idea that this truck project would still be going ten years later; yet here we are. Before setting aside time to sit and type my […]

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Habits are tough to break. Sometimes a habit is formed out of necessity, sometimes they are for self improvement, sometimes a habit does not carry any significance or reason and on certain occasions need to be reevaluated. One habit to be fixed revolves around how I talk about the truck as a whole. While there […]

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What’s Next? 2021

Happy New Year! We made it to 2021 and it’s time for a quick update. The truck is still running and going on quick cruises from time to time to keep the engine spry. The truck will be available for events when it is safe to travel and gather again. Until then we will continue […]

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