D23 Expo 2022

A month has passed since we wrapped up D23 Expo 2022 – it’s time for a recap. Leading up to the Expo there was a list of minor improvements and modifications to work on. These adjustments ranged from fixing the windows on the camper shell, cleaning the camper shell, replacing the mirrors and having the bench seat reupholstered (more on that later). Like our last visit to D23 Expo, work was completed shortly before load-in.

The truck was parked on the left side of the show floor, however the location was prime since we were a pizza toss away from the Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Booth. The orientation of the truck within the space provided a perfect backdrop during the weekend as well.

After three years away, it was wonderful to see a constant barrage of familiar faces throughout the weekend. Whether it was from folks who have been following the truck project since 2011 or those in the industry who were finally seeing the truck in person.

Even with all of the familiar sensations of returning to the Expo floor in such a way, the new experiences were another highlight. Over the years at events we have often had to recite a spiel about the truck where we would almost have to defend the truck’s participation in whichever event we happened to be attending.

This time was different, for the most part attendees walked around the truck and peeked in the windows naturally. No one climbed on the truck (thankfully) which is something we’ve had to worry about before. A queue for photos formed and people chatted with each other during the lineup to pass the time, and often people would exchange phones so they could snap photos next to the truck. On Saturday, we got swept away by the length of the line and worked as photographers for about three hours straight. In desperate need of a break we stepped away and walked the floor and talked about how the truck could take care of itself, and the attendees would handle the line. It was a surprising and welcome step in the evolution of the truck project as a whole.

Throughout the weekend friends would stop by the booth and on many occasions three to four people would approach us and we would have a mini catch-up huddle off to the side of the truck. The hours flew by and suddenly it was Sunday and closing time was upon us. We packed the back of the truck full of pizza boxes and cruised off into the night.

A special thanks goes out to the D23 Team who made for an easy setup and grand ol’ time over the expo weekend.

And we’re not finished just yet. Get ready for a nearly non-stop November coming up.


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