Ten Years

Ten years.

Ten. Years.

This seems like a number that is rarely celebrated outside of class reunions and wedding anniversaries. As I have stated many times before we had no idea that this truck project would still be going ten years later; yet here we are.

Before setting aside time to sit and type my thoughts out I did my usually routine of talking to friends and members of the original crew. At first, my thoughts were a mad jumble of disconnected sentences. Then it was brought to my attention that it would be best to put this all into perspective as succinctly as possible.

How do you quantify ten years?

In the time since the truck cruised up to Pixar in 2012:

Truck Mileage: 12,000 Miles or 63,360 medium pizzas laid end to end
States Visited: 4 (California, Florida, New Jersey, New York)
Rockets Built: 3
Hollywood Christmas Parade Appearances: 6
Disney+ Appearances: 12

Pixar Feature Films Released: 13
Time the Main Street Electrical Parade has returned: 2

Events attended: MANY
Photos taken: COUNTLESS
Miles Left to Go: ???

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the project as well as to those of you who have followed us since the beginning.

Stay tuned…


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