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What is this? 
These are YO buttons.  A high-quality, metal button featuring a recognizable design, as well as our web address printed along the outside rim.

But why? 
For folks like you to show your support for the project while receiving many a “YO!” from just about everyone who sees it.

How do I get one?
We are carrying a supply of these buttons in the truck wherever we go.  Stay up to date on our whereabouts through our Out and About page and Twitter feed. We are currently researching how to implement a mail-in system as well for those who can’t make it to sunny California.

What can I do with the button once I receive one?
Wear it on your shirt/hat/tie/backpack etc.  Be sure to snap a photo or two if you happen to travel and send it our way at PizzaPlanetTruck@gmail.com or use the hashtag #wherewillYOgo. We’ll be checking and posting our favorites!



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