Future Plans April 2021

Spring has sprung and April is here! While the weather is remaining dry out in Southern California there is a slight chance of brainstorming.

Here are a few options we have considered regarding the future of the truck.

That Belongs in a Museum!

The truck itself could be housed in a museum so it may be preserved for future generations to draw inspiration for future projects that sit at the crossroads of pop culture and automobiles. On the other hand it could also be housed in a clear box at a roadside attraction, which in of itself would be rather awesome.

Fix it up:

Taking the truck we currently have and doing a front to back inspection on what would need to be repaired or replaced so the truck could stay on the road. Recently there have been some issues that have been popping up from time to time that could only be fixed with major mechanical replacements. Over the years the repairs and replacements that have been performed have been band-aids as the next weakest link down the chain would fail. Since the larger repairs fall far outside of our budget, there would be the need to organize a fundraiser. If we were to raise more than our goal there are other possibilities to be considered.


Another option that would be within the realm of connoisseurs of classic cars would be electrifying the truck. Although this method has been used to give new life to older vehicles that are in showroom condition, it would be perfect for the truck. Imagine the truck in its dusty glory pulling off the line with the acceleration that only an electric motor could provide. While some might say that this modification would veer away from the beat up truck as it appears in the movies, we think it would align with the spirt of the project by harnessing unexpected uses for DIY solution. However, the cost of this modification would be nearly double the cost of fixing up the remaining mechanical issues which leads us to…

There is…Another

Perhaps it may be the most cost efficient to take what we’ve learned from the Pizza Planet Truck Mk1 and apply it to next year’s model. Imagine the project continuing with a new and improved truck. This plan also brings up the ideas presented in the Ship of Theseus thought experiment. Would the project lose its soul if the “original” truck was no longer in the picture? Does the the idea outlive the vehicle or is the vehicle the vehicle for the original idea? While we’re getting philosophical we might as well consider…

Ride Off Into the Sunset

Since the truck embarked on its first road trip one question that has been asked quite often is, “Now that you’ve finished what are you going to do next?”. This question presents the idea that there is a finish line for the project and that the goal has already been met. Perhaps the truck has reached its potential and to do more with it would definitively answer the age old question of “is it better to burn out or to fade away?”.

Do we hang up our spurs and ride off into the sunset and onto the next adventure?

For Sale

Perhaps now is the time for that adventure.

Here’s your chance to own the Pizza Planet Truck. Think of all of the things you could do with it. Park it in your front yard as the world’s most amazing lawn decoration. Buy a modernist house in Illinois and display it. Use it to deliver burgers just to confuse people.

Here is a link to the listing


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