Where’s the Pizza Planet Truck in Soul?

As the title states this post will be about where the Pizza Planet Truck will appear in Soul. Proceed with caution if you are the sort to avoid spoilers.

For the most part I try to avoid most spoilers if I can, but recently I have made it a personal rule to do my best to avoid TV Spots and International Trailers until I have watched the movie myself. After that all bets are off.

With Soul being released on Disney+ this Christmas the opportunity to rewatch the film for both the content and the search for easter eggs is high. Considering that this film is directed by Pete Docter, there is a chance that the Pizza Planet Truck may appear multiple times, as it has in both Up and Inside Out. (I’ll be updating this post if we spot any more appearances after Christmas)

Here’s where the speculation ends since our friends over at The Pixar Post have spotted some easter eggs in the International Trailers for Soul:


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