Toy Story Land

Alright folks, buckle up, it’s time for big Toy Story Land photo post!
We kept our eyes peeled for little details and easter eggs to document!
First up Alien Swirling Saucers!  Hovering outside of the attraction is this lone LGM.  Tip: If you snap a selfie in front of him you can line up his eyes to focus right on your lens for a great photo opportunity!As you enter the mystic portal be on the lookout for some the details strewn throughout the queue. USE YOUR KARATE CHOP ACTION!Very clever…Mushrooms, pepperoni and peppers – as it should be.These see-thru pizza supports were out of this world!This LGM was just hanging out above the attractionNext stop Woody’s Lunch Box!This quick service dining spot has retro Woody’s Roundup theme to all of the decor.img_4048img_4027Babybel seats!Even the Green Army Men are getting in on the Babybel action!On the underside of the “lid” you can see the backside of the stamped metal lunch boxThemed cash register kiosksimg_4002This detail stopped me in my tracks for a few minutes.  The way that they designed uneven lettering to getting the detail of the way sharpie would have on the colored overlap is perfect.img_3972ONWARD to Slinky Dog Dash!img_3981
Be sure to read the fine print before playing with this Squeaky Penguin Bath Toyimg_3987
One part of the attraction is “built” out of one of Andy’s old school folders that’s covered with stickers.   img_3986Sharp eyed guests may notice a hidden Mickey in this photo of Andy’s Plans for Slinky Dog Dashimg_3903

img_3996Take a look at the storybook that’s providing shade to Wheezy and the logo on RC’s box for some easter eggs.T+QNO4R9TEe+SjaNCy8XAAComputer! Enhance!KSxHwvQuQ+WxwPTx5tD5hwimg_4088Onto the new entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania!img_4067You can spot this giant view master picture discs featuring photos from Disneyland as you walk through the queue. img_4074


Before we wrap up I wanted to thank a whole mess of people who ensured this trip went as smoothly as possible in more ways than one.  From guiding us through the park, knowing the best places to eat (and the best places for SNACKS), having our back, lending a hand (or four) at the mall event, scheduling fast passes to a level of hyper-efficiency, being the best tag team social media has ever seen, to even taking a moment to absorb the experience in the few moments where we weren’t going a million miles a minute, everyone pitched in to make this one heck of a trip. Thank you.

A hearty thank you goes out to those who helped with the logistics of getting the truck to and from Florida as well.  I had the chance the to meet and thank a few of you in person, to those who were busy I thank you as well.




The Pizza Planet Truck will return…

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