Photo Log 2018

It’s been a busy few months with the truck.  So much so that the usual blog post per event schedule was tossed out the window.  To make up for that, here’s a mega sized photo post!

Fan Alley Artists Lodge Pixar Tribute Show IMG_0242IMG_0245

Cruising around WonderCon with the new rooftop rocket, which withstood cruising speeds of up to 40mph.  More speed trials will be performed soon.


Geek Week at UCLA

EzSqMQy2QWawksWsYRTC1gwWQw%DSmSC2nXLCpY7+xpAStopped by Disneyland to have a look at the Alien Pizza Planet overlay for Pixar Fest – I highly recommend the Cheeseburger Pizza!E+fE59+LQS+Qm3cNyNsK5wsy7eOHf5Q5e1BTHLe7aZKw

Parked outside of the Howard Johnson and taking The Disney Fox/Attractioneering Trading Co to Disneyland!


Took an early cruise down PCH for an awesome photoshoot with Orange Coast Magazine


In what’s quickly becoming a tradition the truck rocketed to the RPF’s Replica Prop Party to see some of the amazing projects the forum members were working on!


Parked at the Walt Disney Imagineering Car & Bike Show




Parked inside of the Brea Mall to help kick off the BoxLunch Toy Story Land Mall Tour!

It’s not too often you get to see the truck from such a high angle!  From way up here you all look like little ants!!

The very next day the truck took a quick spin up to Walt’s Barn along with Disney Coast to Coast for an afternoon of train filled fun.

*Whew!  I think we’re all caught up on the past month’s worth of events!  With Toy Story Land opening in Florida less than a month from now there’s not telling where the truck will show up next.

Stay tuned…

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