Truck Modification 101

Making changes to the truck seems like a simple process.  However there are several categories each adjustment could fall under, with varying priority depending on the category.  Today we’ll take a brief look at how some of the decisions are made.

The three categories are:

Is the truck in working order? Can it safely drive under its own power and make it to events? A few years ago we had a slew of engine trouble that prevented the truck from operating as we had in previous years.  Since then we have had several tune-ups and scheduled services to prevent another rough year.

However you can only prepare for so much…

Does the truck looks like an accurate representation of the movie version(s).  These modifications are kept up by viewing the films multiple times, poring over screenshots as well as getting to know many models and classifications of trucks. If an accurate version of an item is tough (or impossible) to find you have to make it.
Creature Comforts
“If only we had a…” These are the lowest priority adjustments since they are the sort of changes “You could live without it but…” – For example, the truck does not have air conditioning, a radio, working wiring to install a radio, etc.

Prioritization is straightforward since it would be silly to make adjustments to how comfortable it is to be in the truck if it is unable to drive there.  Rocket science has been delayed many a time due to engine trouble.

As of writing the truck has over 241k miles registered on the odometer, which is low for a well maintained Toyota truck.  However, as we have learned while performing tune ups and repairs this truck went through a lot before we had the keys.  When the shocks were replaced a few months ago it was discovered that they were the original (29 year old) shocks.  It is safe to assume that anything that hasn’t been replaced by us is probably original.

The truck will be inspected over the next few weeks and we’ll have a better sense of what will have to be done to ensure that the truck will be ready for longer road trips…

Stay tuned…



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