Hollywood Christmas Parade 2017

With temperatures temporarily cooling in Southern California, it’s beginning to feel like winter.  Which means it’s time for another cruise down Hollywood Blvd in the Hollywood Christmas Parade!

The quietest you will ever see Hollywood Blvd, the calm before the storm.

We moved into position, a stone’s throw away from the red carpet.Jack Black kept a weather eye out for the arrival of other vehicles from Star Car Central

The rest of the car arrived and filled every available space on the road…We all were packed in bumper to bumper before the parade.

Once the parade began the convoy idled it’s way through the parade route.  The weather was perfect for keeping the engines cool too! This was especially helpful considering all of the automotive acrobatics performed along the route.  This is the most crowded I’ve seen the parade in years and it was wonderful seeing spectators light up when they recognized the truck.

The parade will broadcast on December 15th on the CW as well as the Hallmark Channel on December 22nd.

We have a few more stops on the itinerary before the year ends.  Stay tuned!


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