Update: May 2017

A 3D Printed rocket arrived in the mail – perfect for a backup keychain perhaps?

img_3695The truck stopped by Joe’s Italian Ice in Anaheim and brought along a few friends…img_3697
img_3704img_4030The truck also made a stop at its first birthday party!  img_4295
Over the past month the ride of the truck was rougher than usual. Recent cruises were accompanied a surprisingly firm shake when going over even the tamest of speed bumps.  During a recent tune up it was discovered that the shocks looked a bit old and should be replaced.  Time was set aside and it was discovered that the truck was riding on its original ~30 year old shocks.  In addition to the replacement of the shocks, the steering was tightened – so long 50’s sitcom steering!

With Summertime just around the corner, stay tuned for more stops and cruises!


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