Mail Time!

Over the past few weeks we have been sending out packages from our Etsy Shop but more recently we’ve received a few packages of our own.

Check out the Pizza Planet Snapback from BoxLunch Gifts is a solid cap, with some wonderful colors!



The Pizza Planet Watch is a sight to behold!  A solid build with a leather watchband.


Our friend Anna sent over this shirt which is a clever mashup of our YO Shirt and our new icon.  Perhaps this is a preview of t-shirts yet to come?

Yes, you read that right – DISNERLAND! Buttons, stickers and cards which feature finely tuned turn of phrases and look twice or you’ll miss it adjustments.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram too!


Here are a few souvenirs from the Tokyo Disney Resort brought to you by the Louie. 


This LGM die-cast is as solid as it looks. Poseable too!


Starting the last week of March, the truck will be on the road just about every weekend. 

A new and improved rooftop rocket is in the works and the quest for a more movie accurate camper shell continues.
Stay tuned…


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