Adam The Woo x Justin Scarred x Pizza Planet Truck

The other day we braved the SoCal Heat Wave to join Adam the Woo and Justin Scarred in their first meet up years. We parked our signature vehicles in the parking lot of the Puente Hills Mall (previously) for one amazing afternoon.

Look at the size of that motorcade!

An majestic aerial view of the meet up.

Soon a line formed for photos, posters and pizza.  The truck served as a background for countless photos with friends and fans who endured the heat for the meet and greet.

Three and a half hours later, the line was vanquished and cruised home to cool off.

A special thanks goes to Adam and Justin for inviting to join in this meet and greet.  At the time of writing Adam is leaving California in under a week, returning to living on the road and cruising around the country documenting the obscure and interesting.

Safe travels Adam!  Here’s hoping the truck can make it across the country for the opening of Toy Story Land!


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