UCLA Geek Week 2015 Kick Off

Photo Mar 28, 12 02 04

Off to a college campus we go!

Photo Mar 27, 21 47 48A late fuel run the night before ensured that we would have plenty of gas for the commute to UCLA.

Photo Mar 28, 08 40 37With a 20% chance of rain in the forecast we were surprised during the drive when some steady rain came down.  Once again we find the truck cleaner than usual – We’ll remedy that soon.

Photo Mar 28, 08 20 30

We brought both rooftop rockets along for the ride just in case the weather was less than cooperative.  We used our “Parade Rocket” during the drizzle to prevent our most recent rocket from sustaining water damage.

Photo Mar 28, 23 37 56
It required team effort to raise the Star Car Central flag during high winds.

Photo Mar 28, 14 04 18Photo Mar 28, 10 07 32
We spent time chatting with many students as they made their way to class.  A few old friends event stopped by too!Photo Mar 28, 13 58 20
We had a great time while parked on the Bruin Walk, but the day wasn’t over yet.

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset
Later in the evening we continued to work on sanding the top coat off our rooftop rocket in preparation for creating a mold for future rockets.


Stay tuned…


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