Hollywood Christmas Parade 2015

Last week we were once again invited by Nate Truman’s Star Car Central to take part in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.


Photo Nov 29, 12 18 39
Much like how it’s become a yearly tradition to take a cruise to Hollywood, we’ve got to make a stop at Johnny Cupcakes LA.  Photo Nov 29, 14 27 27
After cruising into position on the parade route, we were briefly evacuated due to “suspicious activity” involving a mailbox down the street.  This was our view for a little over an hour.Photo Nov 29, 15 18 18
Once we were allowed back to our cars we realized that we had quite the prime parking spot.  We needed up parking right next to the star of none other than Tom Hanks!Photo Nov 29, 15 11 22

Speaking of stars – “Shotgun Tom” Kelly was riding along in another car in the cavalcade and took plenty of time to meet and greet throughout the afternoon. Photo Nov 29, 16 50 31Photo Nov 29, 15 55 05We were joined by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van just as the sun began to set. Photo Nov 29, 18 26 58

The parade went off without a hitch. We heard word that we might have broken the record for most movie inspired cars in one spot too!

We are thankful to have the opportunity to participate in the Hollywood Christmas Parade once again. 

Be sure to tune in tonight to the first broadcast of the season!


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