Hulaween/Huluween – A Spooky Duo

Photo Oct 25, 13 57 48

It was a whirlwind Halloween week for the truck!  Our first stop was at the annual Hulaween event organized by our friends at Hula Girl Shave Ice.  We parked right next to the pumpkin patch during the festivities.  Photo Oct 25, 15 33 52
Special thanks to Shannon who cruised out from LA to see the truck in her awesome Pizza Planet Delivery costume!
Photo Oct 25, 15 37 47

Photo Oct 29, 13 41 45
A few days later we adjusted our trajectory to intersect with Hulu and their annual Huluween Party.  We were a surprise addition to one of their  themed costumed groups.  Photo Oct 29, 13 02 03Photo Oct 29, 12 56 59
Let’s play “Spot the Pizza Planet Truck”.  It’s tough to spot among the vast variety of costumes, which ranged from Mr. Pricklepants (Thanks again Mike!) to a very elaborate Slinky Dog ensemble.IMG_2732

We had a spooky time at both of these spirited events! Stay tuned!


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