#D23 EXPO Recap

Photo Aug 14, 15 06 43

Photo Aug 14, 08 58 34

It’s been quite the whirlwind weekend for us over here; finishing up the rocket after we parked on the show floor, three days of chatting with fans, and everything in between, it was quite the adventure.

Photo Aug 14, 08 21 26
New rockets up top and inside.

Photo Aug 16, 08 33 03

The calm before the storm.

Photo Aug 16, 17 37 08

The storm!

Photo Aug 16, 13 16 15

Congrats to Sarah, who picked up our very last Pizza Planet button and got to sit in the cab!

Photo Aug 16, 14 15 41

Jelisa was a champ when it came to crowd control during a very busy day three.

Photo Aug 14, 18 15 01

Bob Pauley, who was part of the team that designed the original Pizza Planet Truck, stopped by to see the truck again.  We were excited to show him our recent improvements.

Photo Aug 14, 18 15 54

Photo Aug 16, 17 37 38

Words cannot describe the past few days.  It was wonderful to meet fans who had been following the project for the past four years and were finally able to see the truck in person.  Oodles of photos were snapped, many tours of the details of the truck were taken, and countless conversations took place.  The reactions alone from the many attendees were worth the trip.  At the end of each day we left exhausted yet excited for the next day.  To those who attended or followed along online, we cannot thank you enough.

Being around the truck is so natural to us that sometimes we forget how exciting and amazing it is that we have the opportunity to work on something like this. Connecting with fans, both new and old, and seeing it through their eyes gives us perspective and the motivation to continue.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “#D23 EXPO Recap

  1. It was awesome meeting you guys! I was the guy in the cardboard truck, and I actually had no idea you’d be there until I got there as Hiro on Day 1. I HAD to go back the next day. Hopefully I’ll be at your other events, and hopefully you guys are at D23 2017!

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