Weekly Roundup #2 – Where’s the Pizza Planet Truck in Inside Out?

There’s good cosplay, and then there’s great cosplay.  Spotted at Phoenix Comic Con

A YO button has made it to Disneyland Paris thanks to John Soliman!
He even made a stop at Pizza Planet!

Pixar Post Legacy Collection Toy Story Soundtrack

More good news from our pals at the Pixar Post.  The complete Toy Story soundtrack will be released July 10th.  We are particularly excited about track 27 – Pizza Planet Rock.  We’ve been searching for this track for some time now and can’t wait to hear it soon!

Earlier this week we took a trip to the movies to see Inside Out!CHqq4yAUwAAvVbf
Inside Out is wonderful and we can only recommend that you see it immediately!

After viewing the film for the first time we, along with a few other fans, realized we hadn’t seen the Pizza Planet Truck.  Some people have mistaken the family station wagon for the truck due to them sharing the traits of being yellow and being a car.

We view this as a testament to:

  • How well the truck is hidden. (Pete Docter has stated that it appears three times)
  • How absorbed we were in the film itself.  (We recommend you watch first and search on the second viewing)

However, we do have a few leads.  Josh Cooley has stated that it’s hidden in a “memorable place.” Also, we have been told that we should keep our eyes peeled during the Chinatown and San Francisco scenes.

Happy Hunting everyone!  We’ll return to the movie theatre very soon!


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