Special Delivery!

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.36.51 AM
Yesterday we received a small cardboard box with some exciting contents.

First, here’s a bit of backstory:

Part of being the owner of the Pizza Planet Truck is maintaining a balance between keeping the truck running and adding details.  More recently we have had to focus on repairing the truck.

However, we were fortunate to find the right people who had time to help us with one detail we’ve been meaning to work on.

Thanks to Gregory Magistro for the initial designs (and then some!) and Matt Quest for his design and 3D printing expertise!


We asked Matt for some insight into the rocket production:

“I recreated the model with Autodesk Maya to match the original shape and design exactly then separated the fins to print them in red.”


For the project he printed on a FELIX 3.0 3D printer.

“I wish I had more small projects like this, it’s very rewarding to see a complete product in the end. This was the perfect project for rapid prototyping on a 3d printed and not just making a prototype but a production quality model.”



Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.39.55 AM

It matches perfectly to the keychain that is seen briefly in Toy Story 2.

Stay tuned…


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