Pizza Factory Hesperia – Grand Reopening

Out and about for the first time in a while…

Photo Apr 25, 10 28 09

We rose early to brave the trek through the hills to Hesperia for the Grand Reopening of Pizza Factory – Hesperia.  We parked out front for the festivities.

Photo Apr 25, 10 45 53
Christiana came prepared with her Johnny Cupcakes pizza socks.

Photo Apr 25, 10 40 09

Throughout our visit we had oodles of people stop by.  Some for pizza, some happened to be visiting other stores in the shopping center, even a few were driving by on the main street, saw a bright yellow truck against the overcast skies and had to stop.

Photo Apr 25, 12 48 31
A few kids had heard about our planned visit today and brought drawings to give.  They now reside in our road trip scrapbook.

Photo Apr 25, 12 58 52
A delicious pineapple and pepperoni combo!

Photo Apr 25, 13 44 33
We even made our own custom balloon.
Photo Apr 25, 15 14 49
The skies cleared briefly during our stay.  Those clouds look a bit familiar don’t they?

Photo Apr 25, 16 21 05

A huge thank you goes out to Pizza Factory – it feel great to be back on the road again!

The Pizza Planet Truck will return…


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