Hula Girls Shave Ice – 2014

Photo Dec 23, 15 04 45

We ended the year of 2014 with a quick cruise to Hula Girls Shave Ice

Photo Dec 23, 11 45 04
Before we even arrived we had a bit of engine trouble and had to pull over in the neighborhood.

After a few minutes of adjustments and cooling off we were back on the road.

Photo Dec 23, 13 41 27
We arrived around noon and set up next to the shop.  We had a supply of YO buttons as well as prime parking for a photo opportunity.
Photo Dec 23, 13 41 48
Photo Dec 23, 16 24 11
A few hours later we were ready to ship out as the sun set.
Photo Dec 23, 17 26 30
On the way home we had to stop again as the engine temperature reached unusually high levels.  We eventually made it home in once piece.  Although we are glad we did not encounter as high of an engine temperature during our trip to Hollywood, we are still going to need to take some time to perform an inspection.


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