For the Love of Pixar Art Show

Photo Oct 11, 19:55:53

This past we weekend we drove south to San Diego to attend the For the Love of Pixar art show!

Photo Oct 11, 12:46:26

We arrived early and parked.  Note: We usually park well within the lines, but since this was a special occasion we parked more appropriately.

Photo Oct 11, 19:51:14

Inside there was oodles of Pixar related artwork and installations.

Photo Oct 11, 19:50:21

Photo Oct 11, 19:52:32

Photo Oct 11, 19:53:18

Photo Oct 11, 19:10:11

Photo Oct 11, 16:40:58

Photo Oct 11, 16:04:08

We spent the majority of the show outside chatting with folks as they walked in, explaining the story of the truck and our plans for the months ahead.  Plenty of people took the time to snap a photo or two with the truck.

Photo Oct 14, 15:29:36 Photo Oct 14, 15:29:40 Photo Oct 14, 15:29:43 Photo Oct 14, 15:29:46 Photo Oct 14, 15:29:49 Photo Oct 14, 15:29:52

Photo Oct 14, 15:29:56

Photo Oct 14, 15:30:07

Photo Oct 14, 15:30:10

Photo Oct 14, 18:59:39

Photo Oct 14, 18:59:48

Photo Oct 14, 18:59:59

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and to those who happened to be driving by too!  Also, thank you to Roberto who invited us out to this awesome art show! We had a grand time in San Diego!

Photo Oct 11, 19:46:46

Our next scheduled stop will be at the Hollywood Christmas Parade.  But keep checking our Out and About page to stay up to date.

Photo Oct 11, 16:49:24


One thought on “For the Love of Pixar Art Show

  1. Seeing the truck in person was awesome! Great job on all the details! Didn’t get to take a picture with it tho, maybe next time!

    Oh and thank you for featuring my “monter fighter” piece! It was great being apart of the show!

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