Phelan Phamily Phun Days Parade

Photo Sep 13, 7 38 11

This past Saturday we took the truck on a cruise out the Phelan, CA for their annual Phelan Phamily Phun Day Parade.  After making the trek out to the desert under the cover of night, we rose with the sun.

Photo Sep 13, 7 43 36

We performed a quick inspection before we hit the road and unfortunately we found out that we have a some rust forming inside of the radiator.  We’ll be taking the proper precautions to prevent any further damage over the next few weeks. After topping off the radiator we were off!

Photo Sep 13, 8 10 27

By 8AM it was already reaching 90ºF.  Luckily, we were able to find some shade before the parade started.

Photo Sep 13, 8 26 43

Photo Sep 13, 8 45 31

Photo Sep 13, 8 40 26

Parked on the parade route.

Photo Sep 13, 9 28 26

Throughout the parade we idled timidly by the parade spectators to many reactions which ranged from the inquiring, “Pizza Planet?” to the downright ecstatic, “PIZZA PLANET!!!”Photo Sep 13, 9 29 10Photo Sep 13, 10 40 38

After the parade we promptly parked outside of the Phelan Pizza Factory (the truck hasn’t stopped by here since we made our first trip up the coast of California) It was great to be back! During this stop we also found out that the rear brakes on the truck needs to be looked at, since it did not engage even when parking on the slightest of inclines.

Photo Sep 13, 13 27 21

Photo Sep 13, 11 23 07

We took a walk through the vendors and car show as well.

Photo Sep 13, 11 26 10

Photo Sep 13, 11 26 45

Photo Sep 13, 11 28 45

Photo Sep 13, 12 03 00

Photo Sep 13, 12 57 27

In the end we had a sweltering, but wonderful day out in Phelan.

Throughout the trip we discussed many upcoming plans we are going to be working on over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned, we’re gearing up for some big ideas.


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