Labor Day at Joe’s Italian Ice

photo 1

Here’s a cruise that’s been many weeks in the making.  The last time we tried to stop by Joe’s Italian Ice our fuel pump failed and we had to postpone our little event.  This time however, things were going to be different.

photo 2

The truck rolled up slightly after noon on a rather hot Labor Day, which just so happened to be perfect weather for some fresh Italian Ice.

photo 3

Throughout the day we had plenty of friends and fans stop by to snap a photo with truck.




It’s becoming an annual tradition for these two to stop by and see the truck. It’s always good to see you guys!


We even had a few visitors who just happened to be passing by.  One family stopped their car, had their kids hop out (who happened to be carrying their own Woody and Jessie dolls), snapped a picture and hit the road again. 


Thank you to everyone who stopped by.  It’s always awesome to see the excitement on people’s faces when they spot the truck.  If you missed us don’t worry, we’ll stop by Joe’s again soon.

photo 5


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