Engine Trouble and Something Else


For the past week, the truck has not started and we are working on diagnosing the issue.  We have our fingers crossed since most of our tests point to a simple fix.

A year ago, we found out from our local mechanic that most of the truck’s original parts remain.  Besides the few parts that we have replaced ourselves, the truck has over 238k miles on it.  It’s starting to show, if only on the mechanical side, which is preventing us from traveling for the time being.

In addition to working on the engine, we are going full steam ahead on designing and building a brand-new, rooftop rocket.

We are currently seeking donations to ensure the truck’s continued operation, and with your help, we’ll have the truck back on the road in no time!

Today we would like to announce something else as well:

photo 1

Buttons! We plan to carry plenty in the truck for when we stop at various locations.  For now, we’ll be carrying a handful whenever we trek to Disneyland or elsewhere (Comic-Con perhaps?).

Be sure to check our twitter feed for updates on our current coordinates!


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