Long Beach Comic Expo 2014


We arrived bright and early in Long Beach to a nearly deserted convention center.  But the silence didn’t last for long.

Photo Jun 01, 14 21 58

We were soon joined by K.I.T.T. and a Joker Police Cruiser

Photo Jun 01, 14 21 41

Photo Jun 01, 16 26 02

Photo Jun 01, 13 39 35 Photo Jun 01, 14 55 11

What’s this?! Was RespectTheFett hit by an infanto ray!?

Fear not! For it is MiniBobaFett!

Photo Jun 01, 14 56 05

Photo Jun 01, 12 58 04

Even the Hip Hop Trooper stopped by.

Photo Jun 01, 16 21 32


We had a grand ol’ time visiting and talking shop with everyone who stopped by.  In between visits we were able to brainstorm new plans for future endeavors.

For those who missed us don’t worry!  We plan to be back for the Long Beach Comic Con in September.

Stay tuned.  It’s going to be an awesome Summer.


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