Room with a New Rear-View


For the past week we have been working on shaping the new and improved rocket.  Our goal for this version is that it matches the scale from the films.  This poses a challenge for us since the new rocket body (without fins) is as large as our first rocket (fins and magnets included).  In addition to having larger and stronger magnets we are brainstorming a secure but quick release bracket to hold the rocket to the cab in case we encounter high winds on the road.  The quick release is in case we encounter any parking garages with low clearance or any other situations that would require the rocket to be removed at a moments notice.


Since the previous rocket foam formed with several tough spots that we couldn’t work past even with a high power sander, Will recently reformed a new foam core which has the optimum sandable texture we’ve been looking for.

A few days ago we took the truck out for a quick spin to Will’s house for a quick spot paint job.


It looks like Maaco missed a spot when the truck received its paint job.  The truck was originally a nice shade of blue.


A quick spritz of spray paint will fix that.DSCF1008

Will and his dad tweak the mirrors that Kris and Christiana picked up from Pick Your Part last week.  They were harvested from a earlier model of Toyota truck and after a bit of time in the vice they were secured to the doors.

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.56.26 AMAs you can see the new mirrors are much larger than our previous mirrors.

DSCF1004WIth the new widescreen cinemascope mirrors we are now able to see much more of the road.

We plan on having the rocket (as well as a few more modifications) finished very soon.


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