We’ll Be Much Safer in the Cockpit


This week work began on our seat covers.  We found all of the necessary materials at a local discount fabric store.  The toughest color to find was the yellowish orange.  We guess there isn’t much demand for bright orange vinyl.

We dusted off a family sewing machine and got to work.

After a few hours of work, and one broken needle (due to machine fatigue, not user error) the first half of the seat is finished.

We’ll be picking up another sewing machine from a friend later this week and finish the job.


One thought on “We’ll Be Much Safer in the Cockpit

  1. You missed the 3D detail on the Color Change stripe on the two-tone seats – they animated a common Upholstery trick where they wrap a ~6″ wide strip of upholstery fabric around a length of 1/2″ to 3/4″ OD soft cotton braid rope as a filler and stuffing that won’t shift like Fiberfill would, Then you sew that assembled ‘rope filler’ into the seam between the two color fields. You can set it to lay flat outwards (flat stitched to the inner panel) or inwards.

    Yours looks close enough to pass, but if you really want to be persnickety about it take a copy of the movie to an Upholsterer…

    That Singer is a bit too new for multiple layers of Naugahyde and is probably infested with Nylon Plastic Gears inside.(tappa-tappa-tappa). Yep, the Stylist 543 is on the list, it’ll jump timing or worse Get Grandma’s older 401A or 500A machine with the all metal gears inside if you do any more upholstery or double-hemming Denim. Or another Commercial Duty machine.

    Oh, and if the truck has the 20R 22R or 22RE 4-banger engine, make sure to have a Toyota Mechanic take a listen for a certain telltale rattle…. Somewhere between 150K and 250K the tensioner for the timing chain goes slack, then the timing chain flops around loose and starts eating a slot in the cast aluminum timing cover – and you can hear it if you know the rattle. Eventually (~50K of chewing) it hits either Coolant or Air, both are bad. Redo the timing chain set & tensioner before that happens, and you’re golden for 500K miles.

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