The Road to Editing

Over the past few weeks since we’ve returned from the trip we have been organizing and skimming through many hours of footage from the road. Five days of footage between three cameras means we’re in for quite a bit of logging.

Thankfully after looking through the first two days worth of footage there is a very low number of clips we can’t use. The amount of clips where the footage is too blurry/shaky/underexposed/overexposed to be use could be counted on one hand and our shooting improved as the trip went on.

One cannot avoid a rush of memories from the trip while clicking through clip after clip. The memories we took away from our time on the road will last a lifetime and we hope to capture that in our little film. It’s going to take some time but be rest assured we’re working hard to finish.

Above is one of the creative shots Will came up with while taking in the scenery on the road.


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