Odds and Ends

Over the past few weeks we’ve been importing and double checking footage from before, during and after the trip, as well as taking a few short trips here and there.  Here’s what we’ve been up to.  Above we have a few more pictures from our “Late Night at a Gas Station” photo shoot.  Robert Staeck performed a bit of photoshop magic to authentically dirty up the truck (and a few more details for the sharp eyed reader)

Shortly after we returned from Emeryville we drove out to Victorville to visit the leaders of tomorrow (as we like to call them).  Both classes were pretty excited to check out the truck, which was parked on the quad during their lunch.

A legofied version of our Boba Fett photoshoot sent over by Byron Corpuz.

A few days ago we had a mini crew reunion for an interview with the Animation Fascination Podcast.  After that we reminisced about the trip while reviewing our copious amounts of footage.


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