A Week Ago Today.

As you may have noticed our crew recently had one of the most amazing days of our lives. After over two years of having this idea, to make the Pizza Planet Truck, and over nine months of planning our road trip to Emeryville, we finally arrived at Pixar Studios. The reaction that awaited us there was jaw dropping.

Our love for Pixar has never been just about Pixar films. We have been fan boys and girls of the directors, animators, and producers of this animation company for years. We were already well aware that Pixar Animation is an incredibly generous and fun-loving company who appreciates their fans. And even knowing this, we were surprised and incredibly moved by the reception we received when we got to the studios.

The details of our trip can be found all over the Internet: in our blog post on MiceChat.com, our interview with Peter Hartlaub for the San Francisco Chronicle and in the video recap from our crew member Sarah. In short, we were welcomed by a news team from NBC, given a tour of the studios, treated to a showing of multiple Pixar short films in their screening room, and we even received a goodie bag on the way out. In addition to posts from @DisneyPixar, director Lee Unkrich and countless others.

Needless to say, we are still having a hard time believing that this all actually happened to us. It’s unbelievable that a group of 20 somethings with a truck were welcomed in with such kindness.  We found out shortly before our arrival that we weren’t going to be turned away at security, but we still didn’t know what awaited us inside.  Everything that happened to us after being let in was a bonus. We had the opportunity to meet countless members of the Pixar staff who took time out of their day/lunch to stop by and check out the truck.  We even received some pointers from animators and designers of the original truck on how to improve our truck’s authenticity (more on that later).  It’s extremely heartening to see such gratitude come from within a major motion picture production company.

Thank you Pixar,
For everything.


3 thoughts on “A Week Ago Today.

  1. That is absolutely incredible! I’ve been following you guys on twitter, and I’m so glad you made it and got such an awesome reception!

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