A Play Date With Destiny

Today was another awesome day on the road trip.  We loaded up our gear into the truck and picked up Sarah, (who was able to fly in early due to the kindness of a fan – thank you!).  We visited the Walt Disney Museum, had a late lunch on Haight, drove into Golden Gate Park and explored the area.  In the evening we drove across the Bay Bridge to Oakland where we met up with Rachel and Vivian at Fentons Creamery for some dessert.

Our trip is nearing its end and tomorrow will be amazing no matter what happens.  Thank you for your continued support and we hope Pixar’s security guard gets a kick out of the truck.


2 thoughts on “A Play Date With Destiny

  1. I took a picture with the truck! I ran past it while I was on a run in GG Park! It totally made my day. Thanks so much for driving around and spreading the Pixar love! :) It seriously is one of the coolest things I’ve ever encountered!

  2. What an awesome and fun trip. Love the truck, love the pic with woody. What an experience to tell people about.

    I would love to have done something like this.

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