Johnny Cupcakes LA

This past weekend the crew took a day trip to LA and visited the sights. We kept referring to this trip as our “Trial By Fire” since this was the longest trip our crew had taken in the truck while filming every moment.

We did some laps around the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the studio, had an amazing lunch at Umami Burger, sauntered around the Page Museum and LACMA too. We encountered city traffic, and brushed up on our defensive driving after a few near misses. We learned the hard way that even the gopro was no match for LA potholes and we had to make a quick recovery when it flew off the back of our chase vehicle.

 All of this built up to our video game night at Johnny Cupcakes LA where we played classic video games while enjoying not one, but two 35 inch pizzas.  We’d like to thank the crew who set all of this up and made for an awesome night.

The highlight of this trip though was seeing folks slow their cars ever so slightly to snap a picture or stare as the truck drove down the street. While we were parked we even had a few people run out of their houses to take pictures and shake our hands. It makes our day when we run into people who are just as excited to see the truck as we are. Those are the sorts of encounters we’re hoping to have on the road.

Behind the scenes we’re packing and preparing to head out on the road. We hope to run into a few of you as we make our way up the coast.


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