The Ricchio Stuff

First off, Happy New Year everyone. Between family get-togethers and holiday hours we’ve all been rather busy around here. When it comes to the rocket few have been busier than the Ricchio’s, who have been working on various prototypes of the rocket, each with a different material and mounting option.

There were a few details regarding our last rocket that we decided to fix by continuing the design process. One major concern we had was that the material we used for that rocket, although sturdier, was unable to be lit from the inside. A quick fix would have been to light it from the outside with a few hockey puck sized LED’s, but then the structure that held the rocket up would be bulky. With that concept scrapped we went back to our original acrylic material, which was lighter and semi-transparent. With some repurposed rear bumper tow lights we were ready to start experimenting with the rocket construction.

With Jake heading back up north later this week we are planning on finishing the rocket sometime in the next 72 hours. Stay tuned.


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