The 33rd Annual Seal Beach Christmas Parade


This past Friday we took part in the 33rd Annual Seal Beach Christmas Parade, which was quite exciting. We lined up early to ensure that everything on the truck was set up and working properly, which included: Various Christmas lights, the sound system, Buzz’s harness, and so on.

We were one of the last entries to go (being 102nd of 107) and our truck was wedged between some pee-wee cheerleaders and some folks from Pavillion’s. Not too far ahead was a massive big rig that would honk its horn from time to time. We would respond with our feeble little horn which sounded like a hungover Road Runner.

Throughout the parade route people recognized the truck, kids would notice Woody and Buzz first and then their parents would lean over and explain where the truck was from (at least that’s what it looked like). We also had a few excited reactions from adults too, some hopped out of their strategically placed lawn chairs and followed us down the street to snap a picture.  Along the way we encountered three parade announcers each of whom would read the description of the truck in increasingly perplexed tones.  There was perfect balance between unadulterated excitement and complete bewilderment.

After the parade finished we pulled into an alley to pack up the decorations.  Shortly after parking under a “No Parking” sign the police rolled up, but they were only ticketing those who had parked in the lot a few feet away.  Although they didn’t give us a ticket they did direct any traffic from that lot towards our crookedly parked truck.

Once we removed all the trimmings it was time to head out, but the truck had different plans.  It began to make a shuddering noise we hadn’t heard before and didn’t start (the truck tends to make various scary noises not unlike the furnace from Home Alone).  Thankfully there were two residents down the alley who heard our truck’s distressing noises and walked over to help out.  We assumed it was a dead battery since all of the lights and the sound system we hooked directly into the battery.  One fellow suggested we attempt a push start, the other said, “I think I may have something” and walked into his garage.  A few moments later he emerged with a a ridiculously long extension cord and battery charger.

Here our battery is registering a two on when it should have been at least ten according to our battery charging friends.  A few minutes later the truck started up better than usual and we were off.

So far it’s been a rather epic December and we’re only a week in.  For now we’ll be planning our itinerary for the final trip, I may take a trip up to San Francisco soon, and the truck will be doing a few mini road trips around the local area.  Pizza anyone?


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