It’s been a while since we’ve had a look at the truck, at least since our overheating after driving back from Dapper Day at Disneyland.  So, today we thought we would have a quick diagnostic of the whole truck provided by David O. before we take it in .  We filled up the radiator with some much needed fluid, started it up and waited.  Once the engine warmed up David performed a thorough inspection.  It seems that our overheating issue has been solved for now, but there were a few areas of the engine that he thought we should look into when we take it in for the tune up, ranging from fluid and wire checks to tightening some components.

On the road again.

After the check up we took a quick spin around the neighborhood, listening for distressing engine noises, and looking for visible flames from under the hood.  Thankfully the noises weren’t too distressing and the flames were nonexistent.  While driving David and I discussed some fun “side trips” we could take the truck on before, during and after the road trip ranging from the doable to the “We’re gonna need a bigger budget” variety.


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